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Portable anminal handheld vet ultrasound sanner MSLVU07D

Type:Portable Ultrasonic Diagnostic Devices
Brand Name:MK
Model Number:MKVU07D
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Monitor:12 inch high resolution monitor
Imaging mode:B,B+B, 4B, B+M, M
Electronic focusing:Dynamic receiving focusing
Item:Vet ultrasound scanner
Price:Cheap and competitive
Quality:CE approved
Warranty:30-360 days quality guarantee
Standard probe:R60 3.5MHz convex array probe

Portable anminal handheld vet ultrasound sanner



Do you want to buy vet ultrasound scanner? Our portable vet ultrasound for sale is very cheap and have 12 inch high resolution monitor. Pls step our website for more details about our vet ultrasound scanner for sale.



Product Description



1.Veterinary ultrasound scanner 
2.Animal ultrasound scanner 
3.Portable vet scanner 
4 CE

Main features of dog ultrasound machine 

Main unit:

12 inch high resolution monitor

R60 3.5MHz convex array probe

USB connector

Video out

VGA socket



High-frequency linear probe (5.0MHz, 7.5 MHz)

Trans-vaginal probe (5.0MHz, 6.5 MHz)


Technical specifications of dog ultrasound machine

Application: Diagnosis of human liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, pancreas, heart, bladder, womb, urinary system intrauterine organ, pregnancy and the field of OB/GYN


Technical Specifications: 

Application: Diagnosis of abdomen, heart, thyroid, liver, kidney, spleen, bladder and the field of OB/GYN 

Scanning depth (mm): &ge, 240

Detective Depth (mm): &ge, 190 

Resolution (mm): Resolution (vertical direction): ≤ 1mm (depth ≤ 130mm) ≤ 2mm(130mmResolution (cross direction) ≤ 1mm (depth ≤ 130mm) ≤ 2mm(130mm 
Blind area (mm): ≤ 4 

Imaging mode: B (B-mode Ultrasound Imaging (The Definition of B Mode Ultrasound )), B+B, 4B, B+M, M (M Mode Ultrasound Definition), Zoom

Grey scale: 256

Dynamic range: &ge, 240

Cine loop: 256-frame cine loop and 32-frame image storage. 

Electronic focusing: Dynamic receiving focusing

Frame correlation: 4 segments frame correlation (B, B+B, 4B)


Pseudo colors: 7 kinds of colors (including of black and white)

Image turning: Left/right reverse, black/white reverse, up/down reverse 

Measurement & calculation: Distance, perimeter, area, volume\pregnant weeks( BPD\GS\CRL\FL\AC\HC)\Fetal weight\EDD and amniotic fluid etc. Heart rate and slope can be measured with Model M 

Movie replay: Uninterrupted replay or step forward/backward replay for 256 images

Character input/display: Time, date, patient’s ID, age, sex, 

Probe connector: 2

Body marks: 33


Image store: Permanent 8 images

Voltage: 160V-260V, 50Hz± 1Hz;

Relative scope: ≤ 80%


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