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Portable 4D color doppler ultrasound equipment MSLCU10D with CE ISO

Type:Doppler Ultrasound Equipment
Brand Name:MK
Model Number:MKCU10D
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Item:4D ultrasound
Display:17 inch high resolution medical LCD
Touch screen: 8.4 inch touch screen for smart operation
Probe connectors:Four
Line options:Three
Smart Image Mode Display: Supporting B+Color M/B+PW+CFMmode, TDI/B+Color M mode, etc.
Quality:CE approved
connecters:4 active probe connectors
warranty:more than one year

Portable 4D color doppler ultrasound equipment MSLCU10D with CE ISO


4D color doppler ultrasound equipment for sale-MSLCU10 have CWD


(Continuous Wave Doppler) and built in ECG.




Product Description

Quick Details

Probe frequency:3.5MHz/5MHz probe and can variable frequency;
Screen:17" high resolution medical LCD
Display mode:B+M/B+PW+CFM mode,B+Color M/B+PW+CFM mode,TDI/B+Color M mode,etc.


-Frequency Spectrum Compound Imaging
-Broadband Harmonic Imaging
-Multi-beam Forming Technology
-Adaptive Speckle Reduction Technology
Intelligent Clinical Solutions
-Advanced Cardio-vascular Kits
*Anatomical M Mode
*Color M Mode
*CWD (Continuous Wave Doppler)
*Built-in ECG
*Stress Echo
*Auto IMT (Intima-Media Thickness) Measurement
-Intelligent Optimization
Smart Image Mode Display
*Supporting B+M/B+PW+CFM mode, B+Color M/B+PW+CFM mode, TDI/B+Color M mode, etc.
Excellent Diagnosis Facility
*17” high resolution medical LCD   
*8.4” touch screen for smart operation
*4 active probe connectors
Broadband Harmonic Imaging
By compounding varieties of Harmonic echo, the system can successfully achieve both high penetration and spatial resolution in Harmonic mode.
Multi-beam Forming Technology
This technology can multiply receive and process scanning lines of images from each element, which largely increases the frame rate of images in B mode and 4D mode and contributes to outstanding cardiac performance.
Anatomical M Mode
With free 360-degrees rotation sample lines, up to 3 line options, it assists more exactly analysis of cardiac structure movement even in difficult heart positioning.
Color M Mode
Combining Color Flow Doppler with Motion Echocardiography, Color M Mode provides an effective way to evaluate the 2D/time relations between cardiac flow and cardiac structure movements.
Intelligent Optimization
With only one button clicking, the system helps doctors to achieve a reasonable good image in B mode and pulsed wave Doppler mode, largely increasing the diagnosis efficiency.




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Portable 4D color doppler ultrasound equipment MSLCU10D with CE ISO



Smart Image Mode Display:




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