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MSLPX05S Hospital 10mA Portable X Ray Machine

Properties:Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories
Brand Name:MK
Model Number:MKPX05S
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Common Fluoroscopy:65kVp,3mA
Size:500mm x 310mm x 180mm
Radiation:Very Few
Size of Screen:203mm x 254mm
Quality:High End
Item:10mA portable x ray machine
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Safety 10mA portable x ray machine 
1.Anti-shock, anti-scattering, single-focus 
2.Radiography and fluoroscopy 
3.Good quality


                                               Low-dose portable x-ray machine


                                       Hospital 10mA portable x ray machine MSLPX05





The product is an anti-shock, anti-scattering, single-focus, half-wave rectification and portable diagnostic X-ray machine.

The portable x ray machine can be used in medical X-ray Radiography and fluoroscopy for the oral cavity, orthopedic, heart and lung, head, contraceptive ring and the impurities in the body.


Main Technical Specification:


Max rated capability Fluoroscopy: 75kVp,3-5mA (uncontinuous use)

Common Fluoroscopy:                   65kVp,3mA


Max rated capability Radiography75kVp,10mA,6sIntermittent 3 minutes

Current Fluoroscopy uncontinuous,Radiographyinstantaneous


Power Supply AC220V±10% ,50Hz,1kvA

Moving Range of X-ray Tube Vertical 220mm,Horizontal 130mm 

Head rotation angle of 360 degrees vertical


Size of Screen: 203mm x 254mm

Size:       500mm x 310mm x 180mm

Weight:  25kg


The detail pictures of the 10mA portable x-ray machine / hospital portable x ray machine:


Portable x ray machine bulb tube

Hospital 10mA  low-dose portable x ray machine MSLPX05


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X-ray machine

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