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MSLDX03D High frequency dental panoramic x-ray machine factory price

Properties:Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories
Brand Name:MK
Model Number:MKDX03D
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Classification:Electro medical, class l, type B
Ceph Weight:50kg
Ceph Film size:18*24 cm or 8''*10''
IEC Classification:Class I,type B
Focus size:0.5*0.5mm
Column Heigth:230cm
Displacement:90 cm, from 90 to 180 cm
Pan Film size:15*30 cm,flat cassette
Pan Weight:120kg

MSLDX03D High frequency dental panoramic x-ray machine factory price


High frequency dental panoramic x-ray machine is one type of our dental x-ray machine and have high voltage generator,minimum radiation.Just feel free to contact us for more about our dental panoramic x-ray machine.




Product Description


Features of dental panoramic x-ray machine MSLDX03D:


High voltage Generator, minimum radiation for patient.

Patient positioning with chin rest and reference with bit 

Available for adult, children, left, right or frontal partial 

views and upper jaw joints, lower jawbone.

Vertical Movement: Manual Adjustment 

Patient Positioning: Manual Carriage Adjustment

Centering Light Lateral 

Centering Chin rest

Reference with bite wing 


The figure of dental panoramic x-ray machine MSLDX03D


Pan Ceph  
Focus Film Distance 51 cm 158 cm
Exposure time 19 s 0.2 to 3.5s(12 steps) mAs from 2 to 35
Projections Adult(19 s) Antero Posterior
  Children(16 s)  
  Half left(10 s) Latero lateral
  Half Right(10 s) with soft tissue filter
  Frontal Teeth(12 s)  
  TMJ opened and closed  
  Frontal Sinuses(18 s)  
Cooling pause automatically controlled automatically controlled
  6 min max 60s max
Film size 15*30 cm,flat cassette 18*24 cm or 8”*10”
Weight 120kg 50kg



Dental panoramic x-ray machine MSLDX03D Panoramic Parameters

IEC Classification:Class I,type B

Power Supply:220V,50/60Hz,10A (can be adjusted as customer’s requirement)       

Mains Resistance:<1.5ohm at 220 V

X-ray generator:High frequency dc at 20 kHz

Anodic Voltage:60-86 kV,Constant Potential

Anodic Current: 4-10 mA, Direct Current  

Focus size: 0.5*0.5mm

Inherent Filtration: 2.5 mm Al

Column Heigth: 230cm 

Displacement: 90 cm, from 90 to 180 cm


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