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medical ultrasonic (MSLPU02S)For human and animal laptop color ultrasound machine

Type:Portable Ultrasonic Diagnostic Devices
Brand Name:MK
Model Number:MKPU02S
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Monitor:10.4 TFT color LCD
System:Full digital system based on Windows X
Display:10.4 inch TFT color LCD
Scanning mode:Convex/Linear
Cine-loop:1024 frames
Gray scales:256
Image conversion:Up/down, left/right, black/white
Quality:High End


laptop ultrasound machine 
1.Full digital system,portable 
2.10.4 inch TFT color LCD (1024*768) 


(MSLPU02)For human and animal laptop color ultrasound machine 



Main functions 


Comprehensive easy-to-use measurements and comments, including general, OBGYN, Cardiac, Urology, Small parts, etc. And the measurement results can be stored in the images or the patients’ files and automatically generate the report. Reference and import function of typical cases for assistance in diagnosis. Easy-to-use functions of setting up, searching, calling up and printing the patient files including images and reports.


Technical specification

Scanning mode Convex/Linear
Display modes B (B-mode Ultrasound Imaging (The Definition of B Mode Ultrasound )),B+B,B+M,M (M Mode Ultrasound Definition),4B
Scanning depth 250mm (Max)
Gray scales 256
Cine-loop 1024 frames
Image conversion up/down, left/right, black/white
Zoom 10 steps
Measurement distance, circumference, area, volume, EF rate, heart rate
OB measurements EDD, GA, FW ( with BPD, GS, CRL, FL, HC, AC )
Probes selectable convex, linear, micro-convex, transvaginal and endorectal
Monitor 10.4 TFT color LCD(1024*768)
Comment date&time, name, sex,age, doctor, hospital, annotation
Wide application abdominal, OB/GYN, urology, cardiology, small parts examination, etc.

60R/3.5MHz Convex



• Full digital system based on Windows XP


 High-accuracy full digital imaging technology


 Various display modes realizes comparative observation from multiple angles and direction 
  DICOM 3.0 interface supports display and transfer in DICOM format 
• PAL-D, XGA, RS232 ports support external large screen display devices 
• DVD-RW (optional), built-in hard disk and USB printers offer multiple ways to store files




7.5MHz Endorectal Linear
7.5MHz Linear 
20R/5.0MHz Micro-Convex
13R/6.5MHz Transvaginal Convex
Video Printer
Extra Battery


Image of laptop ultrasound machine


  laptop ultrasound machine(MSLPU02)



laptop ultrasound machine(MSLPU02)



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