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Hot sale medical device manufactures c-arm x-ray machine on alibaba China (MSLCX01-G)

Properties:Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories
Brand Name:MK
Model Number:MKCX01-G
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Item:(MSLCX01-G) c-arm x-ray machine
Type:c-arm x-ray machine
Max output current:50mA
out looking::mobile & c-arm
The piece champs:200*250mm
Delivery:3-10 days
Warranty:one year for c-arm
Quality:With CE proved

Hot sale medical device manufactures c-arm x-ray machine on alibaba China (MSLCX01-G)



Company Information

We are a leading medical equipment distributor in Guangzhou,China.

Integrating the R&D, production and sales of professional c-arm x-ray machine .            

Professional marketing team and more than 6 years’ exporting experience.  

Supplying cheap medical equipment with high quality and good service.








Product Description


Hot sale medical device manufactures c-arm x-ray machine on alibaba China (MSLCX01-G)








(c-arm x-ray machine on alibaba China(MSLCX01-G))

C-arm high frequency mobile X-ray Machine

Suitable for the operating room Emergency room Bone surgical department diagnosis





Main Technical Parameter:


Perspective Manual 40-90KV                0-5mA
Automatic 40-90KV     0-3mA
Pulse 40-90KV     3.5mA
Photography KV/mA 40-45KV  50mA 5-180mAs
50-60KV  40mA
65-75KV  30mA
80-90KV  20mA
The piece champs 200×250mm(8”×10”)
X-ray tube (What is an x-ray tube? The construction of x-ray tube) XD6-1.1,3.5/100
Image intensifier 6” Toshiba 9” Three fields of vision image intensifier
Camera Import the CCD integration
Video frequency processor Recursion noise reduction, Seven memories, End frame freeze.
The picture may the level or about turns over.
May choose the positive and negative picture, May choose the entire screen demonstration or with the screen pair of frame demonstration
Monitoring device 14”By line scanning high definition medical monitoring device
Mechanical movement Has the diverting device, Entire machine may around about the movement
Has the brake system, May the fixed tin the free position.
About the C arm rises and falls (Electrically operated):400mm Around movement:200mm
The C arm revolves:±180° The C arm slides:-25°~+90°
Main structure size Distance from focus to screen :1000mm  C arm arc depth:600mm
Power source condition AC·220V 50HZ 1Ω





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