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hi-tech digital mobile c-arm x-ray machine MSLCX03-R

Properties:Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories
Brand Name:MK
Model Number:MKCX03
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Item:Medical X-rany equipments
Power Capacitor:4KVA
Supply Power:220V, 50Hz, 20A
Monitor:14 High resolution Monitor
Camera:High Speed CCD Camera
Image Intensifier:9 Metal Screen Intensifier
Collimator:Iris, auto-brake, variable visual field, double leaf


Product Description

 c-arm x ray unit 

1.Up to 100,000 static images 
2.Multi-image simultaneously display 
3.Mobile x ray machine 

(MSLCX03)High frequency digital mobile c-arm x-ray equipment widely use in orthopedics,gynecology.etc

Product Introduction

The clinical applications of the c-arm x ray machine include orthopedics (arthroplasty, joint nailing, joint fluoroscopy, restoration and fixation for bone injury in emergency), radiology (abdominal organ angiography, gastrointestinal fluoroscopy), gynecology (uterus angiography), urology (kidney and bladder angiography), surgery (pacemaker implantation, peripheral vascular examination, etc.) and so on.

Key Features

1.Adopts the true digital high frequency host, gets the clearest and richest image with minimum dose, greatly reduces the potential harm of x-ray to clinicians and patients.

2.The unique double displays make operation intuitive, easy and reliable.

3.The vertical and horizontal movements and rotation of C-arm are all electric maneuvered

4.Micro-computer based controller features with failure self-diagnostic function, easy maintenance.

5.The mobile c-arm x ray machine has digital interfaces optionally equip with picture collection & storage workstation, directly upgrade the digital image system, to provide a short cut for your heavy file management.


Upgraded Digital Image System

1.Up to 100,000 static images stored in hard disk

2.Multi-image simultaneously display

3.Image processing functions: rotation, overturn lightness and contrast adjustment

4.Diagnostic report by laser printer

Technical Data

Mobile medical c-arm x ray machine 

Configuration A

Configuration B

Generator Power / Frequency

3.5kw / 40KHz

5kw / 40KHz

Radiography KV

40-110 KV

40-120 KV

Radiography mA



Fluoroscopy KV

40-110 KV

40-120 KV

Fluoroscopy mA



Pulse Fluoroscopy



Focus Size

0.6×1.5mm  Stationary Anode

0.6×1.5mm Rotation Anode

Anode Heat Capacity

30 KJ (40 KHU)

150 KJ (200 KHU)

Heat Capacity of

500 KJ (667 KHU)

600 KJ (800 KHU)


Iris, auto-brake, variable visual field, double leaf

Focus-to-Image Intensifier Distance (SID)

1000 mm

1000 mm

C-arm Depth

730 mm

730 mm

C-arm Open

815 mm

815 mm

C-arm are glide with full balance



C-arm Rotation (Motored)



Upward and Downward Movement (Motored)

400 mm

400 mm

Forward and Backward Movement (Motored)

200 mm

200 mm

Horizontal swing angle






The images


Packing details


Production Line


Our Advantages

1. More than 2000 hospitals/clinic have become our partners
2. Superior quality with factory price
3. Quick reply and consideration service
4. CE,ISO,FDA Approval 
5. Fast delivery by air, sea or in other ways
6. More than 10 years in medical equipment supply field
7. Exported to more than 109 countries
8. Warranty time: AT LEAST 365 days 
9.Excellent and immediate after-sale service

Together with client

We have sold X-ray machine and other medical equipment to more than 109 countries and built long term partnerships with clients such as UK, US, India , Italy, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Turkey, Greece, Philippines, etc


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X-ray machine

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