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Handheld Mini Wrist Ultrasound machine MSLVU13D,Animal Ultrasound Scanner

Type:Portable Ultrasonic Diagnostic Devices
Brand Name:MK
Model Number:MKVU13D
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Screen:3.5 inches
Image gray scale:256 level
AC adaptor:110V~240V, 50/60Hz
Usage in:both human and animals
Image conversion:Up/Down, Left/Right and Black/White.
Display mode:B
Size:92mm * 73mm * 42mm
Pseudo color:8 type
Price:Cheap and competitive

Handheld Mini Wrist Ultrasound machine MSLVU13D,Animal Ultrasound Scanner


Our handheld ultrasound machine is only 200g ought is the lightest ultrasound scanner in the world. Pls visit our web for handheld ultrasound machine for sale.




Product Description


Quick details:

Wrist ultrasound scanner for human or animal 
1.CE ultrasound scanner 
3.easy to carry 
4.practical and economic

Product Features:

  • Small portable, easy to carry,
  • Hand type keyboard, facilitate single hand operation;
  • Concise function, simple to operation;
  • The animal ultrasound scanner has clear image, can be used to judgment pregnant, measuring fat;
  • With probe frequency conversion function, adapted to different inspection demand;
  • Battery can change easy, and for power dissipation is small so battery working time long;
  • Large capacity SD card for store image (optional);
  • With pseudo color display function;
  • Screen with a visor, better for work under sun.



  1. veterinary ultrasound scanner
  2. Scanning system: sector sweep;
  3. Probe frequency: 3.5MHz/5MHz probe and can variable frequency;
  4. Scanning depth: ≥180mm, 70mm/110mm/130mm/150mm/192mm adjustable;
  5. Screen: 3.5 inches;
  6. Display mode: B
  7. Image gray scale: 256 level
  8. Pseudo color: 8 type
  9. Image store: 512 frame(by SD card)
  10. Measure: distance;
  11. Input power: dc 5V (by external battery input)
  12. Power consumption: 7W (probe run) /2.5W (probe stop)
  13. Battery work time: 10 hours
  14. Size: 92mm * 73mm * 42mm
  15. Weight: host 140g, probe 160g, battery 140g
  16. Probe Connector: 1


Wrist ultrasound scanner main configuration

1. Main Host    1 Unit
2. 3.5MHz/5.0MHz Mechanical Sector Selectable   1 Pcs
3. Hand type keyboard    1 Pcs
4. External Battery and charger    1 Set
5. Arm bag (use for put battery and probe)    1 Pcs
6. Pocket (use for put host, gel)    1 Pcs(optional)
7. SD Store Card     1 Pcs 

Main pictures




Real shot of testing in animals:


Excellent effect images:


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