• pwilloes 6 months ago

    Hi everyone, I have a quite a few vinyl 12 inch singles with promotional only not for resale labels on them , I was wondering if these are worth anything ,I know some have been released since I’ve had them. I’ve decided to sell the collection I’m just wondering if anybody could tell me if they’re worth anything? unfortunately they have no name on them ,so I do not know the Artists or names of the tracks , besides a few which have been released: My brother has told me that a few are sang by tv Actors. I’ve had them around 25 years so they are quite old but in excellent condition as they’ve been in kept in a clean dry place :
  • Wiggingtons 6 months ago

    Wiggingtons edited 6 months ago
    You might try looking for run-out matrix numbers as a way of identifying the releases. Not guaranteed for every case, but it works sometimes. In plain English, if you look at the center area of the record, between where the grooves end and the label starts, you may see faint writing that looks either stamped or scratched into the vinyl (in actuality, it was stamped or scratched into the plate used to press the record). You can look these numbers up in the database here and possibly find the corresponding release that way.
    more Discogs info about Matrix/Run-Out info

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