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Four channel Automatic Chemistry Analyzer Price MSLBA19S

Type:Biochemical Analysis System
Brand Name:MK
Model Number:MKBA19S
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Item number:automatic chemistry analyzer
Test Method:End point, Fixed time, kinetic
Supplier:TONGQUAN Group Co., Ltd
Contact No:+86 15013179862
Language:English (for more language pls email
Reaction detect:monitor 81 cuvettes reaction at the sa
Sample volume:2ul~30ul, step by 0.1ul
Condition:New, in stock
Lead time(Delivery time):fastest delivery if urgent
Other information:Automatic chemistry analyzer(Contac


Product Description
Product Description

 Four channel Automatic Chemistry Analyzer Price-MSLBA19S







We specialize in various Vet equipment, X-ray protective products, Automatic or fully-automatic hemotology analyzer, Incubators, Autoclaves etc., medical equipment.


System function:


Throughput up to 300 tests/Hour(not including ISE tests)
Test Method End point, Fixed time, kinetic
Test Sequence Discrete, Random access, STAT can be inserted at any time, test sequence can be sorted by samples or items
Spectrometer enclosed array of spectrometer and photodiodes, maintenance free.
Cuvette washing auto wash the cuvettes through 8 segments washing pipe and continuous use them(optional).
Reaction detect monitor 81 cuvettes’s reaction at the same time
Photometric process the interval time between tow consecutive photometric are exactly the same.
Pipeline system pressure auto released pumps and double filters to protect pumps and valves
Gearing plastic gear leads lower noise and accuracy of positioning of moving parts

Environmental resistance

resistant form dust and water vapor

Sample/reagent/stirrer system

Carry over optimized item test sequence and reinforced washing process, lower the carry over and avoid probe being clotted.  
Sample volume 2ul~30ul, step by 0.1ul
Sample disc 60 positions for primary tubes and secondary cups
Reagent volume 20ul~300ul, step by 1ul
Reagent disc provide 60 reagent bottle positions
Reagent bottle particular reagent bottle without dead volume


Reagent cooling continuous cooling system according to the principle of peltier
Probe inner and outer walls are highly polished leads carry-over <0.1%, level detection and vertical and horizontal collision protection
Stirrer paddle stirrer coated with Teflon, stir immediately after the sample was added in,
Water consume <1.5L/hour




• High peformance

• Open reagent

• Eco-Friendly

• Throughput: 300t/h


 Automatic chemistry analyzer price(MSLBA19S)




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