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Exellent quality & best price portable digital x-ray unit with high-tech MSLPX02

Type:Pathological Analysis Equipments
Brand Name:MK
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Model Number:MKPX02-L
Properties:Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories
Item:Portable digital x-ray unit
Image Detector:Flat Panel Detector
Maximum output power:P =110kV*36mA=4kW
Nominal output power:100kV,40mA,0.1s,4kW
mA adjustable range:36mA~70mA
Anatomical program:24 memory choices available
Dimension:290*260*230 mm





digital portable x-ray machine 
1.CE certificate 
2.of wide usage 
3.with practical performance

Product Description

  Exellent quality & best  price digital portable x-ray unit with high-tech MSLPX02


Application  digital portable x-ray unit MSLPX02
The 4kW portable digital high frequency X-ray unit is mainly suitable for extremities check, especially for rescues or diagnosis in field operation sites, battlefields, stadiums, vet clinics, etc.


  Features  digital portable x-ray unit MSLPX02
1) Simple & light structure;
2) 6-segment LED digital display;
3) Anatomical memories for 24 selection program;
4) Double-loop (analog & digital) high precision control mode;
5) High precision control in tube voltage & current;
6) Self-protection & auto-diagnosis available when malfunction occurs.


Specifications of  digital portable x-ray unit  MSLPX02

Main components Parts Model No./ Specifications Qty Remark
X-ray Units Portable high frequency x-ray unit YJP040R-A 1 set  
X-ray tube GF181-0.6/1.5-125-60 1 set  
Collimator YJA-VI 1 pc  
DR System Digital detector Xmaru1210p 1 set  
Sync box YJT-III 1 set  
laptop Y470N-IFI(H) 1 set  
DR image processing software 1 set  
Auxiliaries Steel support YJF-I 1 set Optional


Parameters of  digital portable x-ray unit with high-tech MSLPX02

  Model MSLPX02
 Power supply
Voltage: AC220V± 10%, 50/60Hz ± 1Hz
Capacity: ≥5kVA;
Internal resistance: ≤0.5Ω
 Maximum output power P =110kV×36mA=4kW
Nominal output power 100kV,40mA,0.1s,4kW
Frequency ≥40kHz
kV  adjustable range
40kV~110kV, continuous regulation, stepping 1kV
mA  adjustable range
mAs adjustable range
1mAs-200mAs,continuous regulation, stepping 1kV
Exposure time adjustable range
X ray tube Focus: 0.6/1.5mm,
Thermal Capacity: 76kHU
Digital detector
Limit resolution: 3.9LP/mm;
A/D convert:14bit;
Pixel region: 264×325mm;
Pixel matrix: 2080×2560;
Notebook Computer
a) Model:Lenovo Y470N-IFI(H)   
b) Processor: Intel Core i5-2410M(2.3GHz)
c) Memory capacity: 4GB
d) Hard disk: 750GB
e) Screen size: 14inch
Anatomical program
24 memory choices available
Dimension 290×260×230 mm
Weight 18.8kg
Accessories Standard: manual switch,cable
Optional: mobile steel support


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