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China cheapest single channer widely used hematology analyzer price (MSLBA13-G)

Type:Blood & Gas Analysis System
Brand Name:MK
Model Number:MKBA13-G hematology analyzer
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Item:Hematology analyzer
Incubator Temperature:37±0.2°C
Supply:Ourself factory
Condition:New, in stock
Feature:Single channer hematology analyzer
Language:English (email agatha@medicalequipment- for more language)
Warranty:One year for this hematology analyzer

China Cheapest Single Channer Widely Used Hematology Analyzer Price 


MSLBA-13 portable blood analyzer hottest sale


MSLBA13-G widely used hematology analyzer for promotion now!



Product Description

Detailed information of hematology analyzer

Test Method: Dispersion light nephelometric analysis
Test Principle:
The highest point on first order differentiation,Percentage analysis
Zero point correction: Auto track the zero point,eliminate the interference of sample and reagent
Wavelength: 470nm
Light Source: Cold Lamp with high brightness and long lifetime

unique Dispersion light detector with high sensitivity and repeatability,

immunized the effect on result of jaundice,hemolysis,chyle and turbidity on plasma

Test Channel: Each channel is independent,one or more,same or different items can be tested simultaneously
Incubator: Provide reagent and sample with stable incubator
Incubator:  Temperature:37±0.2°C
Measure trigger: Auto trigger the measurement through configured pipette
Item modify: Easy to add or edit items,easy to set the items parameters
Calibration: Single-point calibration;multipoint calibration;auto store and match with calibration curve
Quality control: Auto draw the quality figure
Reagent: Open reagent system
Reagent volume: ≤40μL
Sample volume: ≤40μL
Memory: Save more than10000 samples results,and auto recovering the results when power is off during working.
Repeatability: CV≤5%
Calculative item: S,%,PTR,INR,Fib can be get through PT,This leads to lower the cost of reagent
Printer: Inner thermal printer,can be connected to external printer
Information edit: Easy to input and edit the detail information of patients
Interface: RS-232 serial port,can be connected to external printer and computer
Working Environment: Temperature:10°C~30°C;Humidity:≤70%RH
Voltage: 85-264V,Auto adapt according to the input voltage
Power: ≤80W for this coagulation analyzer
Quality System: Recognized by CE,TUV and CMD.

Test Items for this hematology analyzer



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