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Cheapest Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine MSLCU06-R

Type:Portable Ultrasonic Diagnostic Devices
Brand Name:MK
Model Number:MKCU06
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Item:Doppler ultrasound price
Color Doppler mode:CFM, PDI, PW,CW,CPD
Display mod:B, 2B, 4B, B/M, B/C
Triplex:Real-time simultaneous 2D, Doppler & CFM
Duplex:Real-time simultaneous 2D, Doppler
Gray scale:256
Display:15LCD monitor
Transducer frequency:2.5-10Mhz
Storage media:300mm
best price:handheld ultrasound scanner

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MSLCU06R Portable color Ultrasound scanner /machine CE approval portable ultrasound medical device high quality and cheap price 


Product Description

color doppler ultrasound scanner 

1.Color ultrasound scanner 
2.human color ultrsound scanner 
3.Digital ultrsound scanner 
4 CE 


doppler ultrasound machines

Colour doppler ultrasound machines for sale best price (MSLCU06)



We are professional supplier specialized in all kinds of doppler ultrasound machines, ultrasound scanner, ultrasound system.


Main features MSLCU06 ultrasound machine  

Color Doppler mode: CFM, PDI, PW,CW,CPD
Display mod: B, 2B, 4B, B/M, B/C
Triplex: Real-time simultaneous 2D, Doppler & CFM
Duplex: Real-time simultaneous 2D, Doppler
Gray scale: 256
Display: 15LCD monitor
Transducer frequency: 2.5-10Mhz
Scanning depth: 300mm
Portable Full Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound equipment
high quality color doppler ultrasound equipment


Standard configurations of  MSLCU06 ultrasound machine


1.Full-digital color ultrasound diagnostic system, the system has the ability to upgrade
2. Frequency Range :2.0-14MHz
3. Probe types: convex array, linear array, heart and cavity probes
4. Display: B / M (B-mode Ultrasound Imaging (The Definition of B Mode Ultrasound )), (M Mode Ultrasound Definition), B / D, B / CD, B / D / CD may be the same screen display, M type and scope of PWD icon size adjustable
5. Frequency Probe Specifications:
a) Abdomen convex array probe: 2.0 ~ 5.0MHz electronic convex array broadband probe frequency, the frequency
 range 2 – 5MHz, 3 selectable frequencies Bandwidth
b) E-broadband frequency linear array probe, the frequency range 5 – 14MHz, scan angle: 60 degrees
c) The heart of the broadband probe frequency: frequency range 2 – 4MHz, the probe scanning angle :10 – 85 
degrees, stepless adjustable
d) Intracavity frequency convex array broadband probe, the frequency range 4 – 8MHz, scanning angle ≥ 135 °
e) Optional pediatric cardiac probe, transesophageal probe, laparoscopic probe, tiny protruding array probe, 
intraoperative probes.
6.Probe array element: ≥ 128
7.Image Mode: two-dimensional B-, M-type, pulsed PWD / Continuous CWD Doppler and unit of analysis, color CFM / power Doppler and direction of the Energy PDM
8.B / D use either: B / PWD, B / CWD, B / CD / PWD three simultaneous display
9.Digital full anatomical M-imaging techniques, the sampling line can be anywhere in the 360-degree range
as the center of arbitrary sampling
10.Organization of second harmonic imaging, harmonic function ≥ 2 groups
11.B / M / CD can be adjusted independently
12.Resolution: Lateral ≤ 2mm, longitudinal ≤ 1mm 
13.detecting depth: ≥ 240mm
14.system dynamic range ≥ 140dB
15.15cm deep, full-view scans, anatomical M-frame rate ≥ 120 / s (for pictures)
16.Image playback video: frame by frame, continuous playback of ≥ 300 frame.
17.Focus: Emission ≥ 8 segment focus, to receive: continuous dynamic variable aperture, dynamic 
apodization digital focusing
18.Scan Line: Every frame linear density ≥ 400 Ultrasonic Line
19.Measurement and Analysis
20.Character Tags: shows the date, time, patient’s name, user name, etc., custom note table, probe, 
frequency and body marked, with a puncture and guide lines
21.keyboard operation: Sino-British operation interface
22.position markers: ≥ 30 Zhong with the location of the probe position markers 
23.Color Doppler display modes: speed dispersion shows that the energy shows that dispersion Show
24.display position adjustment: linear array scanning range of interest: -20 ° – +20 °
25.Doppler flow velocity: The maximum blood flow velocity measurements: PWD ≥ 6m / s; the highest
single measurement of a continuous Doppler velocity ≥ 10 m / s minimum flow velocity measurements: 
PWD ≥ 10mm / s
26.width and location of sample volume adjustment :0.5 – 20mm adjustment classification 
27.with a Doppler angle correction function for sampling and then
28.Display: ≥ 15-inch high-resolution progressive-scan LCD displays, can be rotated up and down Move left
29.Probe Interface:2 units
30.picture archiving and management
Dynamic and static image real-time hard drive storage capabilities, the host built-in hard disk ≥ 160G.
a) Built-in DVD drive with a recording can be carved directly to the medical records of the CD-ROM to save. 
b) Playback of the spectral image can also be synchronized audible sounds
c) There was a picture online clipboard functions: real-time scan, only one button operation, can be dynamic
and static ultrasound images are stored in the screen side of the clipboard, you can always transfer out of
contrast observation.
d) The original data acquisition and processing capabilities, can playback dynamic and static image 
post-processing capabilities, and can convert directly to the image avi, tif, Bmp, and other common format computer
31.Input / Output Signal Interface: PAL-D, USB, RS-232, VCR, RGB, USB,, VGA port, etc. 
32.Supply Voltage: AC 220V ± 10%.


Image of color ultrasound machines




portable ultrasound machines packing 

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8. Warranty time: AT LEAST 365 days 
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