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CE proved portable full digital 3D ultrasound diagnostic machine MSLCU19D

Type:Doppler Ultrasound Equipment
Brand Name:MK
Model Number:MKCU19D
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Design:3D, color doppler, portable
Net weight:9kgs
Packing weight:15kgs
Warranty:More than one year
For more information:Email us
Quality:High end
Packing size:46*35*57cm
Delivery Detail:Within 6~10 days after received the payment

CE proved portable full digital 3D ultrasound diagnostic machine MSLCU19D


Product Description

Specifications of portable full digital 3D ultrasound diagnostic machine MSLCU19D:

Brand new 3d color doppler ultrasound 
1.10.4" high definition 
2.Flicker free color medical LCD monitor 
3.Stable quality 

Acoustic beam processing for portable 3D ultrasound machine MSLCU19D:

Full digital acoustic beam technology, real time point-to-point dynamic receiving focus, continuous dynamic focus, real time dynamic adjustable variable aperture imaging technology,real time dynamic acoustic beam apodization, dynamic filtering, numerical control dynamic frequency scanning


Standard configuration of portable ultrasound machine MSLCU19D:

Main unit:1 pc color doppler ultrasound

Double probe sockets, automatically identify probe;

3.5MHzmulti-frequency abdomen convex probe:1pc

6.5MHz multi-frequency trans-vaginal probe:1pc

7.5MHz multi-frequency high linear probe:1pc


Optional configuration:


Video recorder(P93W-S)

Laser printer(Specified models:HP Laser Jet 1020,HP Laser Jet 1022,HP Laser Jet P1007,HP Laser Jet P1008)




Some Technical Descriptions of portable 3D ultrasound machine MSLCU19D:

  • Acoustic beam processing 
  • Full digital acoustic beam technology, real time point-to- point dynamic receiving focus,   continuous dynamic focus, real time dynamic adjustable variable aperture imaging technology,real time dynamic acoustic beam apodization, dynamic filtering, numerical control dynamic frequency scanning
  • 1.1 Image Pre-treatment 
  •  Gain:0~127
  •  TGC:8 stages TGC 
  •  Acoustic output:25%,50%,75%,100% 
  • 1.2 Digital channels:32
  • 1.3 5.2 Image processing 
  • IE:0~3 
  • Frame correlation:0~3 
  • IE(gamma correction):0~7
  • Compressing curve:0~7
  • Scanning parameters
  • B Mode
  • B acoustic output:25%,50%,75%,100%
  • B Gain:0~127
  • Dynamic:27~100dB
  • Scanning:higher frame rates, high density
  • frequency conversion:4 classes 
  • harmonic wave:2 classes


2.2 M Mode: 

  • M acoustic output:25%,50%,75%,100%
  • M Gain:0~127
  • M Dynamic:27~100dB
  • M scanning speed:1~8 classes adjustable
  • M adjustable & visual sampling line 
  • M operating mode::scroll & scan
  • Scanning:higher frame rates, high density
  • frequency conversion:4 classes
  • harmonic wave:2 classes

2.3 CFM color Doppler mode: 

  • CFM Gain:0~127
  • Max PRF:7.5kHz
  • Min PRF:0.35kHz
  • Color frequency:2 classes adjustable
  • CFM wall filter:8 50-350Hz
  • Color persistence:4 steps
  • Color threshold: 6 kinds
  • Color balance: 16 steps
  • Sensitivity:6 kinds
  • CFM color smoothing:3 steps
  • Adjustable linear array color deflection


2.4 PDI Power Doppler Mode: 

  • PDI Gain:0~127
  • PDI wall filter:4 steps, 50-350Hz
  • PDI color smoothing:3 steps
  • Max PRF:7.5kHz
  • Min PRF:0.35kHz
  • Adjustable linear array color deflection


2.6 Image diplay:

  • 256 grades gray scale 2D image diplay
  • gray scale histogram plot display
  • Image reservation:up/down, right/left
  • Depth scope:32~252 mm (35 grades) each probe has its own depth scope & adjustable grades
  • Focus: continuous dynamic focus, dynamic aperture
  • Dynamic: ≥100dB (visual & adjustable)
  • Display TGC curve
  • Black & white related 
  • output: NTSC or PAL,etc
Main pictures

Images for portable full digital 3D ultrasound diagnostic machine MSLCU19D









Buyer Feedback

Some Customers Comments for our Ultrasound Machines: 

Customer from USA:  I enjoy your Ultrasound performs great job.  If some USA customers want to know your quality, I am willing to share my experiences to them!!! 

Customer from Australia:  Thank you, we are enjoy the usg Machine. Keep in touch! 

Customer from Spanish:    are the 2 sets of our Carriable Ultrasound Machine PU24 good enough for you?                                             – Yes, they are very good

Customer from Poland:    Good morning Doris, just telling you its great work with your                              Carrible ultrasound machine, hope your business grow bigger and bigger

Customer from Malawi:  Hi,Dear, your Medical ultrasound doing great job, many of my people admire it                                             and they also want to buy from you, many will buy when our currency get stable.

Customer from Canada: Hi, thank you so much for your kind support. The Machine is great, I will need                                                 to buy ultrasound gel and other Medical equipments from you again. 


Customer from Indonesia:  Gong xi Fa Cai, I want to say your Ultrasound doing great job as well as your patient monitor.  Now I want to buy one more device from you, Biochemistry Analyzer, pls recommend the model and PI.  thank you!


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